Petro Builders, Inc.

Southern California's premier petroleum general contractor specializing in the installation, retrofitting, and demolition of under and above ground fueling systems.

Always on your terms

With our industry leading strategic advantages, you can be assured that your project is done exactly to your specifications.
Our job is not complete until you are satisfied with the result.

Who we are

Petro Builders is an elite group of dedicated and experienced professionals. Each individual has a refined specialty that makes our company complete. Our collective knowledge, skills, and experience makes us a perfect fit for your project.

What is our specialty

We specialize in fueling systems. From design to budgeting, construction to closure, we bring all of these tasks into a cohesive plan. If your project requires the installation, retrofitting, or demolition of under or above ground fueling systems, we can help.

What "Fuels" Us

Your satisfaction is our goal. We excel at construction and  helping you  achieve your vision. Seeing a project through, from commencement to close out, is what drives us. We love seeing a project develop and come to a close when we turn it over to our clients.

Fueling is our passion

We know fuel systems, it is in our blood stream. This is what we do and we do it right, everytime.

Safety....We Don't Learn By Accident

Our safety program is nothing short of exceptional. Credited to our superior training program, we carry an EMR under .80 & have an "A" rating on ISN.

WinWin Fillin' Station

We had the honor and privledge to construct the 1st WinWin Fillin' Station for the YumYum Donuts empire. The project wasn't without its challenges but was a successful build and is open with its unique business model.

Projects with a purpose

Leverage our Knowledge to Boost your return

Leveraging our unparalleled understanding and experience in fuel systems, your project will be completed on time, allowing you to maximize your returns

Fueling Points and Canopy

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Joni Townsend

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Bid Assistance | Accounts Payable | Project Coordination

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Accounts Payable | Human Resources | Legal

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Safety | Equipment Management | Maintenance

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Estimating | Project Management

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